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Electronic Signature thumbnail

Electronic Signature

by Caspio

Share and manage legally binding documents using electronic signatures.

Multi-Step Form thumbnail

Multi-Step Form

by Caspio

Create a multi-step web form with a progress bar for an optimal user experience.

Custom Calendar thumbnail

Custom Calendar

by Caspio

Schedule appointments, meetings and activities using a custom color-coded calendar.

Barcode Scanner thumbnail

Barcode Scanner

by Caspio

Scan barcodes using a mobile device to retrieve data.

Gantt Chart thumbnail

Gantt Chart

by Caspio

Manage project timelines and deliverables using a custom Gantt chart.

QR Code Scanner thumbnail

QR Code Scanner

by Caspio

Use QR codes to look up information by redirecting users to a specific page.

Address AutoComplete thumbnail

Address AutoComplete

by Caspio

Automatically predict the street address as the user starts typing.

Show Password thumbnail

Show Password

by Caspio

Allow users to display the characters in the password field during login.

Signature Form Field thumbnail

Signature Form Field

by Caspio

Allow users to sign consent forms using a signature pad.

Kanban Board thumbnail

Kanban Board

by Caspio

Create, manage and track project tasks using a custom drag-and-drop Kanban board.

List View with Maps thumbnail

List View with Maps

by Caspio

Display a map for each record in a Report DataPage configured as a list view.

Recurring Payment thumbnail

Recurring Payment

by Caspio

Implement recurring payments to accommodate subscriptions and other recurring billing in your business.

Date and Time Picker thumbnail

Date and Time Picker

by Caspio

Customize Caspio’s default calendar UI to select a specific time in addition to date.

Clone Record thumbnail

Clone Record

by Caspio

Create a new record with the same values as the original record.

Save as Draft thumbnail

Save as Draft

by Caspio

Quickly save a record in draft mode and access it later to finalize your submission.

Bar Rating thumbnail

Bar Rating

by Caspio

Transform a standard dropdown field into an intuitive bar rating.

Audio Player thumbnail

Audio Player

by Caspio

Upload, play and manage audio files in your Caspio database.

Range Slider thumbnail

Range Slider

by Caspio

Provide an interactive slider for users to define a specific range.

Scatter Chart thumbnail

Scatter Chart

by Caspio

Visualize data correlations and trends using a custom scatter chart.

Session Timer thumbnail

Session Timer

by Caspio

Display the time spent on a particular activity to help users track their time.

Dynamic Tabular Columns thumbnail

Dynamic Tabular Columns

by Caspio

Adjust column visibility easily with an interactive dropdown selection to customize reports in real-time.

Star Rating thumbnail

Star Rating

by Caspio

Collect feedback about your products or services using a star rating.

In-App PDF Viewer thumbnail

In-App PDF Viewer

by Caspio

View uploaded PDF files in a new tab or modal window within the app.

Bulk Downloader thumbnail

Bulk Downloader

by Caspio

Download multiple files linked to a single record in bulk and export them into a compressed zip file.

Bubble Chart thumbnail

Bubble Chart

by Caspio

Transform your data into a custom bubble chart for improved data analysis.

QR/Barcode Generator thumbnail

QR/Barcode Generator

by Caspio

Output QR codes or barcodes to look up information or print labels for scanning purposes.

Organizational Chart thumbnail

Organizational Chart

by Caspio

Easily visualize the relationships among individuals within a company, group or family tree.

Facial Recognition thumbnail

Facial Recognition

by Caspio

Enables your app to detect, analyze, and recognize human faces for added user verification, providing an extra layer of security.

Show/Hide Report Columns thumbnail

Show/Hide Report Columns

by Yvthinkers

Show or hide tabular report columns using multiselect checkboxes to filter reports instantly.

Content Tagging thumbnail

Content Tagging

by Caspio

Add content tags on digital assets to easily categorize, search and organize information.

Gauge Chart thumbnail

Gauge Chart

by Caspio

Easily track and visualize key metrics with dynamic gauge charts for insightful analysis and decision-making.

Image Preview thumbnail

Image Preview

by Caspio

Enables preview of selected images prior to submission.